Freddy vs. Jason (2003) - Synopsis

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After being trapped in hell for quite some time, Freddy Krueger meets up with Jason Voorhees after Jason is sent to hell by Creighton Duke (forget part X; rewind to Friday the 13th Part IX). Krueger is able to disguise himself as Pamela Voorhees, and instructs Jason to start murdering on Elm Street upon his resurrection, therefore restoring Freddy's power as well. Jason does this task, drawing the attention of Tommy Jarvis, the only person to have single-handedly defeated Jason twice, and Alice, who has managed to defeat Freddy twice as well. However, once Jason realizes what Freddy has done, he is infuriated. Hellbent on vengence, Jason renews his bloodbath in pursuit of personally slaughtering Krueger, and anyone else in his path.