Food of Love (2002) - Synopsis

Paul, a young person and talented student of music is contracted in San Francisco to pass the pages of the score in a concert of Richard Kennington, one of the most famous pianistas of the world. In addition to diligente, Paul is extremely attractive, fact that does not pass for Kennington and its Mansourian agent unnoticed, two men in the top of his respective races. Kennington and Paul return to be in Barcelona, where the young person is of vacations with his mother, Pamela, that tries to forget the upheaval produced by the abandonment its husband. Paul and Kennington fall in love, but this love both has very different implications for men. Kennington returns precipitadamente to its house, fleeing from a greater commitment in the relation. At the same time, Pamela begins to recover and to gain the lost confidence while account occurs of which Paul has stopped being a boy.

To his return to the United States, Paul discovers that its race will not be developed since it had wished, simply because does not have sufficient talent to be concertista and it lets itself take by the comfortable life of New York. Pamela will fight the future by its son and the lived experience will serve to mother and son to learn to construct one more a deeper relation. Manjar de Amor is the history of these ingenuous personages and his to wake up to the hard reality of the life.