Where's the Party Yaar? (2002) - Details

Where's the Party Yaar?

When you are an Indian immigrant like Hari Patel, "fresh off the boat" or FOB, you have enough to learn without having to figure out "where's the party, yaar." While the desi scene may be hip and happening in Hari’s new home of Houston, Texas, the guardians of cool don't want the FOBs, with their funny dance moves and their white sneakers, crashing their Desi Fever dance parties. Hari, with his oily hair and his oversized luggage, might have a hard time breaking in, but by the end of this all-you-can-eat joke buffet he—and everyone else—has learned and unlearned more than a few lessons. With a fresh, energetic cast including Kal Penn and Sunil Malhotra from the hit AMERICAN DESI, and a killer soundtrack featuring Cornershop, Panjabi MC and DJ Cheb i Sabbah, the film pokes fun at every sacred cow it can find, from astrologers, pirated CDs, South Asians in post 9/11 America, shagadelic Indian student bachelor pads (with half a dozen roomies) to that holiest of holies, a Bollywood song in the rain. The toughest dilemma, however, has nothing to do with roots, bhangra or how to be a cool brown dude. It's simply this: how on earth do you buy a condom in a convenience store when the owner looks like your good uncle from Patiala? —Sandip Roy