Lola + Bilidikid (1999) - Details

Lola + Bilidikid

Seventeen-year-old Murat, a Turkish boy, lives in Kreuzberg, a Berlin district, with his mother and elder brother, Osman. Little by little, he begins to understand that he is gay. Wandering around the city, he makes an amazing discovery: he has another brother, Lola, who was kicked out of the family. Lola is the star of a trio of Turkish transvestites who appear in gay clubs. He goes out with the tough Bili, a true macho, who insists he changes sex with a surgical operation so they can marry. One night, Lola is attacked on his way home. He saves his skin by fleeing in a taxi, but is murdered the same night. Murat and Bili want to avenge his death. The men who had attacked Lola have no escape. However, only after the massacre does Murat understand who was truly responsible for his brother's death.

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