Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002) - Synopsis

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie - synopsis headingGet ready for the biggest event in VeggieTales history -- the first feature-length film showcasing the characters you love, as well as some new friends that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

The action begins on a moonlit night when a van of singing Veggies encounter some unexpected trouble. After a heated battle with a clothesline, a pair of boxer shorts and, yes, porcupines, Bob the Tomato and the Veggie kids find themselves at an old, rundown seafood joint where nothing is quite as it seems.

Here they encounter "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," the laziest bunch of scalawags and biggest root beer consumers to never sail the Seven Seas. As Bob and the kids settle in to wait for a tow truck to help get their van back on the road, these curious Pirates share a little story about a guy named Jonah. As the story begins, we are transported to another time and place, where society moves a bit slower than in today's times.

Now Jonah is kind of like a mailman -- except his messages came straight from God! Jonah loves his job, until the day comes when he has to deliver a message to the people of Nineveh. You see, Jonah hates the Ninevites. They lie! They steal! But worst of all, they slap people with fishes! Instead of carrying out his mission, Jonah turns and sets sail in the opposite direction onboard a pirate ship. From the hold of this vessel, where he meets Khalil, a chatty carpet salesman who just happens to be a caterpillar, to the belly of a whale where he meets -- whoops! We can't tell you who he meets there -- to the heart of Nineveh for a hilarious showdown, Jonah goes on an adventure none of them (including the whale) will soon forget! And everyone will learn that one of the best gifts you can give (or get) is a second chance.

This eye-popping animated film will be in theatres this fall, and is brought to you by Big Idea Productions, the creators of the wildly popular CGI video series, VeggieTales.

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