You Got Nothin' (2004) - Details

You Got Nothin'

What happens when a ten-year-old girl redirects the lives of her two kidnappers? Major League hopeful Joey Carlucci and his childhood friend, Dominick Mazzetti, born and bred in Hoboken, NJ, are sentenced to a life of small-time debt collecting, until ordered by their boss, Bookie "Big Tommy" Cesaro, to find and collect $400,000 from deadbeat Willy Starks. Discovering that Willie has relocated to L.A., Joey and Dom pack their bags and head out west - only to find a world they never imagined. From an overzealous bellhop and crazy, gun-toting Cubans, to the unplanned kidnapping of Willie's ten-year-old daughter, Joey and Dom find their world spinning out of control, culminating in madcap mayhem.