Great Lakes (2002) - Synopsis

Dara and Noble drift through the strange landscapes of their own lives until they meet one day at a crematorium and fall in love. Dara, just out of prison, is on her way to scatter her mother’s ashes in Lake Superior. Noble is searching for his long lost father. Together they set out for Lake Superior on what they think will be a romantic and redemptive road trip.

Things spin completely out of control when they run over someone on a lonely country road and wrongly take the blame for his death. The fatal ‘accident’ was actually choreographed by a Kevorkian wannabe who sends them off on a strange and comical adventure to get rid of the body.

Dealing with the aftermath of the ‘accident’ brings out the best and the worst in Dara and Noble. In the end they get more than they bargained or hoped for on their journey to the Great Lakes.