Some Body (2001) - Synopsis

Some Body (2001) - main synopsis image"Some Body" is the story of Samantha (Stephanie Bennett), a twenty-something Los Angeles schoolteacher, searching for excitement and an elusive happiness. Culled from the real life experiences of its star/co-writer/producer Stephanie Bennett, and starring some of her real life ex-lovers, "Some Body" blends fact and fiction to create a cinema vérité like realism.

Out partying with her buddy Leann (Marnie Shelton), a very drunk Samantha flirts openly with Nicky (Niklaus Lange), even though her long-time boyfriend Anthony (Jeramy Guillory) is with her at the party. The next morning, Anthony challenges her on her behavior. Tired and confused about her own actions, Sam quickly breaks down. The argument ends with her announcement that she is leaving him, because the relationship has died out— they are "too comfortable."

Samantha finds a new place and strikes out on her own. But she quickly finds the regeneration she seeks can be far from romantic. Her first experience, a one night stand with her sexy new neighbor Billy (Billy Ray Gallion), makes Sam immediately aware of the downfalls of her new found freedom. She goes running home to her family in Texas for comfort, and is soon leaving conciliatory messages on Anthony’s machine.

Anthony, however, has already moved on with a new girlfriend, Eve (Laura Katz), with whom he appears to have found the happiness that he was never able to achieve with Sam.

Now forced to move on, Samantha embarks upon a series of unfortunate relationships: including a one night encounter with Tony T (Tom Vitorino), who stalks her afterward; and what seems like a budding relationship with Bobby (Sean Michael Allen), who turns out to already have a girlfriend (Faleena Hopkins).

We see Samantha composed and nurturing in classrooms filled with smiling children by day, and running wild in crowded bars and parties by night.

Meanwhile, Anthony’s perfect love with Eve turns sour, and she leaves him. Samantha has the chance to return to Anthony. But things have changed for both of them….