Conversation, The (1974) - Synopsis

Conversation, The (1974) - synopsis heading graphicA re-mastered 5. 1 Dolby Digital stereo soundtrack has been placed on a brand new 35mm print, exclusively for the NFT's American Zoetrope season.

Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is the self-proclaimed "best bugger on the West Coast", an electronic surveillance man proud of his expertise, independence and reputation, and intensely secretive about his method. Hailed at the time of release for having anticipated Watergate, Coppola's undeniably brilliant exploration of voyeurism, responsibility, loneliness and paranoia remains one of his most completely satisfying films, at once marvellously suspenseful and astute in its psychological and ethical insights. There's top-notch work from all involved - including David Shire's haunting music, Bill Butler's camerawork and Walter Murch's amazing editing and sound design - but none more so than Hackman, giving one of his very finest performances at the head of a superb cast.

Conversation, the (1974), originally released in 1974, will be revived at the NFT on 1st March where it will play for an extended run. Academy-Award-winning editor and sound designer, Walter Murch, has totally restored the film's soundtrack for this exclusive presentation at the NFT. The film is distributed by Buena Vista Int. (UK) Ltd.