Crossroads (2002) - Synopsis

crossroads - synopsis heading graphicAnd the moral of the story is... you don't need talent to go a long way, just good marketing and merchandising.

Crossroads is the latest in a long line of vanity projects for singers who are under the mistaken impression that, just because they can strut their stuff in MTV videos and pack auditoriums for concerts, they can act. Acting requires a little more skill and talent than the average singer can muster. There have been exceptions, of course, but not many, and Britney Spears isn't one of them. Spears' acting deficiencies go far beyond being unable to utter a line of dialogue with conviction - throughout Crossroads, she resembles a posed Barbie doll, down to the plastic face with the vacuous expression. I realize this review isn't going to endear me to Spears' legion of devout fans, but those 10-14 year old girls in the Britney camp have already bought into the hype. Charisma and draw trump substance; Britney's lyrics make ABBA seem deep, but her record company and sponsors love her as much as her fans.

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