Life of David Gale, The (2002) - Synopsis

Life of David Gale, The (2002) - synopsis heading graphicThe Life of David Gale, a taut suspense thriller directed by Alan Parker, stars two-time Academy Award®-winner Kevin Sapcey and Oscar®-nominees Kate Winslet and Laura Linney.

In Charles Randolph's original screenplay, David Gale (Spacey) is a man who has tried hard to live by his principles but in a bizarre twist of fate, this devoted father, popular professor convicted of murdering fellow activist Constance Hallaway (Linney). With only three days before his scheduled execution, Gale agrees to give Pulitzer-hungry reporter Bitsey Bloom (Winslet) the exclusive interview she's been chasing. But Bitsey soon realizes that this assignment is more than she bargained for, and that a man's life is in her hands. Putting her own safety in jeopardy, she frantically races to piece together the shocking events surrounding Constance's death, before it's too late.

Universal Pictures and Intermedia Films present The Life of David Gale a Saturn Films/Dirty Hands production, which Alan Parker is producing with Nicolas Cage.

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