Longest Yard, The (1974) - Details

AKA : Mean Machine, The

Longest Yard, The

Paul Crewe (Burt Reynolds) was kicked out of pro football eight years ago for shaving points. Now he's doing time in Florida for grand theft auto after driving off in the car of an angry and disappointed lady friend. The Florida prison is run by sadistic and tyrannical warden Rudolph Hazen (Eddie Albert). Hazen, a football fanatic, sees in Crewe a chance to improve the disappointing performance of his semi-pro team of prison guards. Crewe puts together a team of convicts to play the guards, but they turn out to be more than tackling dummies when they find some purpose and cohesion on the field. When the convicts hold their own against the guards, Warden Hazen - who can't stand the thought of losing to the convicts - resorts to threats and trickery to coerces Crewe into throwing one more game.


Comedy / Drama

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