Crush (2001) - Synopsis

Crush (2001) - Synopsis main imageAndie MacDowell, Imelda Staunton, and Anna Chancellor play three single women in their 40s who get together once a week to drink, smoke, eat chocolate and compare love lives, or lack thereof. Each has a different take on sex. Molly (Chancellor) always seems to pick inappropriate partners. Janine (Staunton) runs away when confronted by sex. Kate (MacDowell) has been getting interest from the local vicar.

When Kate meets up with 25-year-old ex-pupil Jed Crush (Kenny Doughty), the sparks fly and they end up having sex in the graveyard. Molly and Janine worry that this is just infatuation and that the relationship will end in disaster. They take matters into their own hands to break up the new couple.