Joe Somebody (2001) - Synopsis

Everybody wants to be somebody and Joe Scheffer (TIM ALLEN) is no exception. But Joe feels like he's a nobody. A talented video specialist at a Minneapolis pharmaceutical company, he regularly has been passed over for a long-promised promotion. And Joe is faring no better in his personal life, as he still pines for ex-wife Callie (KELLY LYNCH).

Things for Joe go from "ordinary" to worse when he endures the cruelest cut of all the loss of his cherished and hard earned personal parking space at the hands of the office bully Mark McKinney (PATRICK WARBURTON), who humiliates Joe in front of his precocious daughter Natalie (HAYDEN PANETTIERE).

The incident spurs Joe to embark on a quest for redemption, or at the very least a rematch with Mark. The first step: martial arts instruction from Chuck Scarett (JIM BELUSHI), a washed up "B" action star who ultimately gives Joe much more than karate lessons.

Next: a makeover that includes a new hairstyle and wardrobe. Joe's plans reap unexpected dividends: As news spreads of the rematch, Joe makes an unexpected ascent up the corporate ladder. He finds this newfound promotion, popularity and corporate perks intoxicating (a bonus is Callie's awakening interest in Joe), but daughter Natalie makes it clear she liked her dad the way he was, not this new and improved version.

Also unimpressed with Joe's transformation is plucky "wellness coordinator" Meg Harper (JULIE BOWEN), to whom Joe has been making tentative romantic overtures. As the showdown with the once-feared colleague nears, Joe is determined to show Meg, Natalie everybody that this one-time nobody is now a somebody to be reckoned with.