Jeepers Creepers (2001) - Synopsis

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Trish (Gina Philips) and her younger brother Darry (Justin Long) are passing the hours on their long drive home for spring break as they always do - bickering, insulting each other and enjoying every minute of it.

As they speed down the seemingly endless country road, they spot an ancient, creepy-looking van approaching in the rear-view mirror. The van suddenly accelerates, practically running them off the highway, its weird horn wailing. As it zooms off, Trish and Darry notice its odd license plate -- "BEATINGU. "

Recovering from the scare and mumbling about in-bred rural psychopaths, they remind each other of the legend of Kenny and Darla, two kids from their old high school who disappeared along this stretch of road more than twenty years earlier. As the story goes, they found their car, but never their bodies. ..

As they drive on, Trish and Darry approach an old church, its roof eerily blanketed in black crows. The van is there. They see a tall, dark figure dropping something - something wrapped in what looks like a blood-stained sheet - down a drainage pipe. As Trisha and Darry are watching from their car the figure turns and seems to peer right at them as they pass by. Just as quickly, the figure is in the van, pursuing them at break-neck speed. They floor it but lose control of the car and career off the road; the van roars on ahead, leaving them shaken and breathless.

Knowing full well that it is exactly the kind of dumb thing a character in a horror movie would do, Darry thinks that they really should go back to the church to see if someone needs help. This is real life, not a movie and Darry knows it's the only responsible thing to do. Despite Trish's protests, they return and Darry squirms down the pipe, Trish holding his legs and cursing their stupidity. Darry suddenly slips from her grasp and plummets down into a dark room. Someone is there, barely alive. It is a boy, with a horrifying, raggedly-stitched incision from navel to neck. Darry watches in terror as the boy dies before him.

Desperate for a way out, Darry sees a doorway. With no other choice, he proceeds through, only to discover a scene worthy of Dante's Inferno - countless mutilated bodies, stitched into the wall in some kind of horrifically gruesome tapestry. And there among the bodies are the long-lost Kenny and Darla. ..

Thus begins a terrifying race against one of the most unspeakably evil creatures ever imagined, a race that leads Trish and Darry from a spooky all-night diner to a lonely farmhouse inhabited by an old woman with a swarm of cats (Eileen Brennan) to the ultimate showdown inside a police station. As the chase quickens, Trish and Darry come to the sickening realization that the creature wants - needs - something from one of them. But from which one. .. and what?