Wedding Tackle, The (2000) - Synopsis

Wedding Tackle, The (2000)

Hal (JAMES PUREFOY) an oversexed photographer, has a problem. He is due to marry Vinni (SUSAN VIDLER) in a weeks time and he's got cold feet. In fact, he wants out. Little Ted (TONY SLATTERY), a scheming, sexually frustrated cartoonist is obsessed with Vinni, even though he dumped her when they went out together. Both Little Ted and Hal separately call upon Mr. Mac (ADRIAN DUNBAR), a world-weary swimming coach, to help them out. However, Mr. Mac has a much bigger problem of his own. George (LESLIE GRANTHAM), is the psychotic husband of a barmaid called Petula (AMANDA REDMAN), with whom Mr. Mac is having an affair.

Mr. Mac organizes an all day pub-crawl come stag night to sort out both his and his friends' love lives. On the roller coaster ride that ensues little does Mr. Mac suspect that he is being stalked by George. Hal has a scheme, suggesting that Mr. Mac seduce Vinni so he can catch them in flagrante, giving him the excuse to break off the engagement. Meanwhile Little Ted has his own plan to disrupt the imminent wedding. He attempts to get Petula to seduce Hal in the pub lavatory so that he can record it with his Polaroid camera.

Salty (NELL STUKE), another of Hal's reprobate mates, is going out with Cloudah (VICTORIA SMURFIT),Vinni's supposed best friend. It transpires that she is having an affair with Hal and has definite designs upon him. Salty, a lad with an eye for the ladies lands himself in big trouble when he gets revolved with Felicity (SARA STOCKBRIDGE), a lady with a taste for bondage on the fateful night.

Meanwhile, Vinni has decided that she has no intention of marrying Hal and gatecrashes the pub crawl in order to finally have things out with him.

In this machiavellian comedy of errors, there is no saying who will end up with whom.