In Too Deep (2000) - Synopsis

In Too Deep (2000)

How far can an undercover cop go into the ruthless underworld of an urban drug cartel, filled with violence, power, and money, before he no longer can find his way out?

Detective Jeffrey Cole (Omar Epps) is going undercover on a mission so dangerous, it could cost him his life.., and possibly his soul. The target: a crimelord called "God" (LL Cool J) who's hooked into 80% of the city's crime. No cop has been able to infiltrate long enough to bring him down, but Cole is not your average cop. As a recent graduate from the police academy, Cole believes he was born to serve as an undercover agent because he has always been able to make anyone believe anything. After a few successful busts and a few close calls, he feels he is ready to do whatever it takes to put "God" away for good.

But after staying "under" for too long, his superiors begin to see him as a major threat to their operation, to the one love in his life, and to himself. Will he be able to separate himself from the character he created after the mission is finished, or will he lose himself in the same evil he hopes to destroy? With every friend he makes and every threat he faces, he's getting one step closer to the man he's after, and one step further from the man he was.

n Too Deep is a new thriller starring Omar Epps (MOD SQUAD, the (1999), HIGHER LEARNING (1995)), LL Cool J (Halloween H20 - 20 Years Later (1998), B.A.P.S (1997)), Pam Grier (JACKIE BROWN (1997)), Nia Long (SOUL FOOD (1997), LOVE JONES (1997)), Stanley Tucci (IMPOSTORS, the (1998) BIG NIGHT (1997)), Hill Harper (HE GOT GAME (1998), BELOVED (1998)) and Jake Weber (MEET JOE BLACK (1998), AMISTAD (1997)).