Brother Bear (2003) - Synopsis

Brother Bear (2003) - Synopsis ImageSet in the Pacific Northwest, before the white man "discovered" America, this movie is based on a Native American tribe. The chief gets killed by a mother grizzly bear who is protecting her cubs. The chief’s oldest son (18 years old) becomes the new chief, while the chief’s youngest son (15 years old) plots revenge on the bear that slayed his father. In the process the youngest son turns into a bear, and is befriended by two comical moose, and is followed by an adorable (and annoying) little bear cub. With these friends he learns valuable lessons. After a time, the new chief finally decides to get rid of the bear– and not just that bear, but all the bears of the area (including his brother). It gets to be a problem, because the new chief does not know that his brother is a bear. So the brother who is a bear has to figure out how he can prevent this bear slautering from happening. –Emily