Timeline (2003) - Synopsis

Timeline (2003) - Heading SmallChris Hughes (Paul Walker), Andre Marek (Gerard Butler), Kate Erickson (Frances O'Connor) and David Stern (Ethan Embry) are four college students working on an ancient medieval site in France. When their head Professor, Edward Johnston (Billy Connoly) goes missing, they are whisked off to America by a strange company known as ITC. The president of the company, insomniac Robert Doniger (David Thewlis), tells them about a new type of machinery he's created. A machine that can transport people to other dimensions in different timelines. Professor Johnston has been stranded in the same site that the students are working on, just 500 years in the past! Now, as Hughes, Erickson and Marek travel back to rescue him, Stern stays back to find out what Doniger's really plotting.