Don't Say A Word (2001) - Details

Don't Say A Word

Dr. Nathan Conrad is a respected psychiatrist in uptown Manhattan. On the night before Thanksgiving, an old friend and colleague urges Nathan to help him with a particularly difficult patient, Elizabeth Burrows. Elizabeth is an eighteen-year-old girl who witnessed the death of her father ten years earlier and has been in mental hospitals ever since. She is catatonic, refusing to eat or talk to anyone. The following morning, Nathan’s eight-year-old daughter, Jessie, is kidnapped. The kidnapper informs Nathan that in order to get her back, he must get a seven-digit number from his newest patient, Elizabeth, by 5 PM that evening or his daughter will be killed. Now, Nathan must race against time in a struggle to elicit the number from the catatonic Elizabeth and save his daughter’s life.


Drama / Thriller