Ocean's Eleven (1960) - Details

Ocean's Eleven

Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) is bored. Robbing five Las Vegas casinos at once is just the thing to liven things up, so he looks up ten of his old army buddies from the 82nd Airborne and recruits them for this ambitious caper. Things are going great until mobster Duke Santos (Cesar Romero) - who plans to marry the mother of group member Jimmy Foster (Peter Lawford) - uncovers the scheme and wants a share of the loot. Ocean's 11 features an all-star cast, including Sammy Davis, Jr., Normal Fell, Richard Conte, Joey Bishop, Angie Dickenson, George Raft, and Dean Martin. Red Skelton even makes a cameo appearance.<br>Jim Wright


Comedy / Crime

Running Time

122m 4s