Get Over It (2001) - Synopsis

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GET OVER IT is a comic look at a romantic problem that has plagued mankind since the very first boy-girl breakup: how's a guy supposed to survive in a world where ex-girlfriends continue to exist.. and attract?

Berke Landers (BEN FOSTER) thought his senior year was shaping up to be perfection. He was dating the perfect girl, Allison (MELISSA SAGEMILLER), the girl he'd had a crush on since they were in diapers. They seemed to be in perfect love, the quintessential high-school couple.

For the first time in Berke's life everything seemed to be a perfect fit.. but boy, was he perfectly wrong about that. For Berke, it was like Anthony and Cleopatra, like Hepburn and Tracy, like Romeo and Juliet. But, for Allison, it was like, over.

Now Allison is dating the hot new guy in school, boy-band veteran Striker (SHANE WEST), and Berke is wandering around in a lovelorn, accident-prone stupor. As anyone who's ever had a relationship come screaming to a halt knows, a stomped-on heart doesn't just spring back.

So is there any hope that Berke can be brought around? His friends are at a loss to stop Berke's total Allison obsession. But the most unlikely person of all, Berke's best friend, Felix's (COLIN HANKS) kid sister (KIRSTEN DUNST), just might be the only one to help him unexpectedly GET OVER IT.