13 Ghosts (2001) - Synopsis

13 ghosts - synopsis heading graphicArthur Kriticos (TONY SHALHOUB) and his two children, Kathy (SHANNON ELIZABETH) and Bobby (ALEC ROBERTS), have lost everything but each other. Jean (KATHRYN ANDERSON), Arthur's wife and the children's mother, perished in a fire that left the surviving family members with nothing.

Nothing, that is, until out of nowhere Arthur inherits an unusual house from his mysterious, eccentric Uncle Cyrus (F. MURRAY ABRAHAM). Made entirely of glass and steel, the house is a shining wonder of modern architecture, all dazzling open spaces and clean, sharp lines. As they explore their new home, admiring its elegantly etched glass walls, Arthur and the children can hardly believe their good fortune.
What they don't know is that this house of light holds a dark secret within.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Columbia Pictures present a Dark Castle Entertainment production, the chilling remake of William Castle's classic horror film Thirteen Ghosts, starring TONY SHALHOUB, EMBETH DAVIDTZ, MATTHEW LILLARD, SHANNON ELIZABETH, RAH DIGGA and F. MURRAY ABRAHAM.

Produced by GILBERT ADLER, JOEL SILVER and ROBERT ZEMECKIS, 13 Ghosts is directed by STEVE BECK from a screenplay by NEAL MARSHALL STEVENS and RICHARD D'OVIDIO, story by ROBB WHITE.

The film is executive produced by DAN CRACCHIOLO and STEVE RICHARDS. The co-producers are TERRY CASTLE and RICHARD MIRISCH. The director of photography is GALE TATTERSALL. The editors are Derek Brechin and EDWARD A. WARSCHILKA, and the composer is JOHN FRIZZELL.

13 Ghosts will be distributed in North America by Warner Bros. Pictures, an AOL Time Warner Company, and internationally by Columbia Pictures.
This film has been rated "R" by the Motion Picture Association of America for "horror violence/gore, nudity and some language. "