Few Good Men, A (1992) - Synopsis

The Grombergs are a highly successful New York family - except when it comes to communicating with each other. Three generations of a family, each in their own dysfunctional way, live their own separate lives but find a couple of moments in time to come together through laughter and tears and remind themselves they are attached by blood. Mitchell Gromberg (Kirk Douglas), the patriarch, is having difficulty coming to grips with his mortality. His son, Alex (Michael Douglas), has spent his life trying not to duplicate his father's mistakes, while Alex's eldest son, Asher (Cameron Douglas), a rebellious college student, tries to cope with life, love, sex and rock 'n' roll in today's confused society. Bernadette Peters, Diana Douglas, and Rory Culkin make up the other members of the Gromberg family.

They're all struggling to get from one end of life to the other - the younger Grombergs try to figure out where they're going while the older Grombergs try to figure out how in hell they got there in the first place.

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