Exit Wounds (2001) - Synopsis

Exit Wounds (2001)

Fifty kilos of heroin disappear from the property vaults of the toughest precinct in Detroit and no one knows how. It'll make someone $5 million richer - maybe someone in uniform - as long as no one talks.

Stolen drugs, crooked cops. To Latrell Walker (DMX), the money at the other end of the deal, it provokes the question -- are all cops bad? But when he crosses paths with Orin Boyd (STEVEN SEAGAL), he discovers that nothing is what it seems, even the law.

A tough urban detective who pushed the law too far in order to serve it, Orin has been sent downtown to do time in the city's worst precinct. It's only a matter of time before he stumbles on the seeds of an inside drug operation. And the one person who can help him uncover the truth is not a cop at all.

To Orin Boyd, Latrell Walker is just another gangster getting rich off the drug trade. But Latrell is also not what he seems. And he holds the key to the corruption Orin sees all around him.

With enemies everywhere and only one chance, Latrell and Orin must join forces to reveal the deadly conspiracy at the heart of the precinct.
Sometimes you have to walk in the darkness to bring the truth to light.

From JOEL SILVER, producer of the groundbreaking international sensation Matrix, the (1999) as well as the recent hit Romeo Must Die (2000) comes "Exit Wounds," a fast-paced action thriller of intrigue, suspense and double-crosses that unites action superstar STEVEN SEAGAL (under seige (1992) Under Siege 2 (1995) Executive Decision (1996) with Platinum-selling hip hop artist and actor DMX (Romeo Must Die (2000) Belly (1998)).

The film also stars a diverse and acclaimed cast led by ISAIAH WASHINGTON (Romeo Must Die (2000) True Crime (1999) as Boyd's naive new partner, George; JILL HENNESSY (TV's "Law & Order," "Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot") as Mulcahy, the uncompromising commander of the 15th precinct; ANTHONY ANDERSON (Romeo Must Die (2000), Me, Myself & Irene (2000)) as T.K., Latrell Walker's right hand man; MICHAEL JAI WHITE (Spawn (1997), "Tyson"), DAVID VADIM (Air Force One (1997) Ransom (1996) and MATT TAYLOR ("Detroit Rock City," "The Skulls") as cops on the force with Orin; and TOM ARNOLD (Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) True Lies (1994) as Henry Wayne, the morning man for a Detroit television talk show whom Boyd reluctantly befriends at an anger management class.

A Silver Pictures production for Warner Bros. Pictures, "Exit Wounds" is directed by ANDRZEJ BARTKOWIAK, who made his directing debut on Romeo Must Die (2000) after a stellar career as a cinematographer. Producing with Silver is DAN CRACCHIOLO (Romeo Must Die (2000), House On Haunted Hill (1999). The co-producers are JOHN M. ECKERT (Loser (2000) Gossip (2000) and ERNEST JOHNSON (TV's "The Corner," "Space Traders"). The screenplay is by ED HOROWITZ (On Deadly Ground (1994)) and RICHARD D'OVIDIO (13 Ghosts (2001)), based on the novel by JOHN WESTERMANN. The behind-the-camera talent includes director of photography GLENN MACPHERSON (Romeo Must Die (2000), "Wrongfully Accused"), editor DEREK G. BRECHIN (Romeo Must Die (2000), Deep Blue Sea (1999), and production designer PAUL AUSTERBERRY ("Mercy"). The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, an AOL Time Warner Company.