Beautiful Mind, A (2001) - Synopsis

A Beautiful Mind - synopsis headingImagine Entertainment presents A Beautiful Mind, a human drama about the struggle of a true genius, inspired by events in the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr. , and in part based on the biography A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar. Directed by Ron Howard and produced by Brian Grazer, with a screenplay by Akiva Goldsman, the film stars Oscar® winner Russell Crowe (Gladiator (2000)), Oscar® nominee Ed Harris (pollock (2000), apollo 13 (1995)), Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For A Dream (2000)) and Paul Bettany (Knight's Tale, a (2001)).

A mathematical genius, John Forbes Nash, Jr. (Crowe) made an astonishing discovery early in life and stood on the brink of international acclaim. But his prodigious career was sidetracked by problems that would have broken many men. Nash, however, fought back. He had always been driven by his quest for one truly original idea and never lost sight of that dream. After many years of struggle, he triumphed over tragedy - and literally changed the world.

A Beautiful Mind is a Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures co-production.