Dr Dolittle 2 (2001) - Synopsis

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Eddie Murphy returns as the doctor who can talk to the animals, in Dr. Dolittle 2, the sequel to the blockbuster 1998 comedy, which grossed over $290 million worldwide. This time, it's Dolittle versus Darwin in the ultimate man vs. nature showdown, in the midst of the animal kingdom's first strike.

In Dr. Dolittle 2, the now-famous doc is has more patients - two-legged and four-legged - than he can handle. But his animal friends want more than office visits. The outraged critters want to save their forest from unscrupulous human developers, and they're seeking Dolittle's help.

Dolittle concocts a plan to save the forest: Find an endangered species the law protects. He discovers a lone endangered Pacific Western Bear, Ava, living in the condemned forest. But she needs a mate - and Dolittle thinks he's found one in Archie, a city-dwelling, wise-cracking, fast food-loving, circus-performing bear. Although Archie initially resists the idea, Dolittle convinces him there's love to be found in his natural habitat.

Dolittle and his dog Lucky head to the forest to try and teach Archie the ways of the wild. Unfortunately, it's hardly a love connection for the mismatched bears, as Ava is unimpressed by Archie's bumbling antics. And Lucky's love life with a local wolf isn't faring much better.

Will Dolittle's animal friends start walking picket lines? Can he come up with the right prescription to bring Ava and Archie together, and save the forest? Will Lucky get lucky? It's down to the wire, as Dolittle and company give the money-hungry land-grabbers a taste of real bargaining power - wilderness style.