Joyride (2001) - Synopsis

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It's summer vacation, and college freshman Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker) is ready to embark on a cross-country road with trip with the girl of his dreams, Venna (Leelee Sobieski).

But Lewis' romantic plans are detoured when he stops to rescue his never-do-well older brother, Fuller (Steve Zahn). Fuller, notorious for causing trouble, goads Lewis into playing a practical joke on a lonely trucker over a CB radio. The trucker, an unseen and terrifying force known only by his handle, "Rusty Nail," wants the last laugh and revenge.

JOY RIDE is a new contemporary thriller from director John Dahl, who is widely acclaimed for breathing new life into modern noir thrillers, such as Red Rock West (1992) and Last Seduction, the (1994)

In those pictures, and now in JOY RIDE, Dahl finds darkness laced with humor in the heartland of America. Says producer and co-screenwriter J. J. Abrams: "John's movies have a wonderful irony, a real sense of humor, humanity and noir sensibility. "