Super Mario Bros. (1993) - Details

Super Mario Bros.

Suppose that the dinosaurs were not all wiped out, but instead continued to evolve in a parallel dimention alongside Brooklyn, New York. Enter two financially challenged plumbers, Mario and Luigi (Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo), who are struggling to find work in the streets of New York and are unaware that the journey that they are beginning will prove to be far more important than their own finantial problems. The plumbers stumble across this bizarre parallel dimention filled with intelligent beings that have evolved over millions of years from the dinosaurs. They discover that the evil ruler, King Koopa (Dennis Hopper), is planning to merge the two dimentions together to create a new world. The two unlikely heroes find themselves on a mission to thwart the evil Koopa's plans and to rescue princess Daisy who is vital to Koopa's scheme. With an absorbing storyline and special effects, this movie will appeal to video game fans and children alike.


Adventure / Family

Running Time