Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - Details

AKA : Star Trek 8
AKA : Star Trek: Borg
AKA : Star Trek: Destinies
AKA : Star Trek: Future Generations
AKA : Star Trek: Generations II
AKA : Star Trek: Resurrection

Star Trek: First Contact

In their second big screen adventure, the year is 2373 and the crew of the Enterprise-E has learned the Borg have returned. Because of Captain Picard's past experiences with the Borg, Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise to stay out of the fight. Realizing too much is at stake, Picard disobeys orders and takes the Enterprise to Earth. His knowledge of Borg technology leads the Federation fleet to victory, but a Borg sphere escapes and opens a temporal vortex. The Enterprise pursues and travels back to April 4, 2063; the day before the first warp flight. The sphere is destroyed by the Enterprise and the crew begin to help the soon to be inventor of warp drive, Zefram Cochrane, make repairs to his warp ship, the Phoenix. But Picard makes a horrifying discovery that the Borg have survived. Now, Picard, Data, Worf and the remaining crew aboard the Enterprise must stop the Borg from changing history, while Riker and the rest of crew prepare the Phoenix. Will the Borg assimilate the Enterprise and then Earth? Will the first warp flight be made in time?

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