This Means War (2012) - Synopsis

Two of the world’s top secret agents are best friends who never let anything come between them - until they inadvertently fall for the same woman. It’s all-out war, as the two spies battle each other with high-tech surveillance, advanced tactics, and an arsenal capable of bringing down a small country. Starring Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon, (Water for Elephants, Walk The Line), Tom Hardy (Inception, Warrior), Chris Pine (Unstoppable, Star Trek) THIS MEANS WAR is directed by McG (Charlie’s Angles, Terminator Salvation) and produced by Robert Simonds (The Wedding Singer, The Water Boy), Will Smith (The Karate Kid, Hancock), James Lassiter (The Karate Kid, Hancock) and Simon Kinberg (writer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, producer of X-Men: First Class).