28 Weeks Later... (2007) - Synopsis

The British Isles that were once infested with ravenous, bloodthirsty maniacs, are now almost completely void of life. Six months after the outbreak of the deadly Rage Virus annihilated the land, London is ready to be repopulated and reconstruction of the country can begin. Under the strict supervision of the U.S. Military, the first wave of refugees is allowed back into the city. Among them are Don (Robert Carlyle), his new girlfriend Scarlett (Rose Byrne), and Don’s two children. Don lost his wife during the original infection, while Scarlett lost her entire family. All seems under control until a new carrier of the virus makes his way within the quarantined area. As the only known live specimen, he becomes a vital tool to the scientists who hope to learn from their discovery. Call it carelessness or call it bad luck, but the virus eventually spreads once again and now may be even more difficult to contain than the first time around.