Sarajevo Film Festival

This year, Sarajevo Film festival celebrates its 10 th anniversary. The very fact that an event is attended by more than 100,000 people deserves special attention. In only 10 years we have grown into the biggest and the most influential film festival in South-East Europe. The story of the Festival began in 1995 during the war in BH when conditions were impossible. Even then, Sarajevo was the host to some of the most prominent names from the world of cinema such as Leos Carax and Alfonso Cuaron. Although the first festival was more a resistance and freedom fighting movement, organization of that festival was immaculate and served as a base for festivals that followed. Sarajevo Film Festival showcases the best Regional and International cinema production. It follows both the avant-garde ad the commercial trends in the world of cinema and it is the meeting place for the film professionals from all over the world. It is not unusual at Sarajevo Film Festival to see celebrities such as Willem Dafoe, John Malkovich, Mike Leigh, Steve Buscemi, Peter Mullan or Bono Vox. Last year's special guests were Danis Tanovic, Patrice Chereau, Stephen Frears and Brad Silbering who came to present their films or simply just to enjoy Sarajevo Festival atmosphere. The Festival plays at six locations in Sarajevo city center. These are, among others, a 2,500-seat outdoor cinema theater and a 300-seat outdoor cinema theater, a huge auditorium seating almost 3,000 for the Children's Program. The most prestigious venue is the National Theater, presenting the films that are included in the Regional Cinema program with the red carpet reception of the guests. . One Air Theatre, built in 1996, is an ideal venue for the film fans to watch the greatest Hollywood blockbusters, the independent production, as well as the finest art films in an unforgettable atmosphere. Over the years the festival has grown, introducing new venues and programs such as New Currents, Panorama and gradually shifting focus to the Regional Cinema. The Regional Program was introduced in 1998 and over the years has become the most important program for the regional cinema and for the Sarajevo Film Festival alike. SFF is an opportunity to promote Bosnian authors. Let us recall the first Oscar-winning Bosnian director, Danis Tanovic and his “No Man's Land”, Pjer Žalica and his “Fuse”, Srdan Vuletic and other young authors. We are proud to announce that this year again SFF will be opened by a BH film. It is a new film by Pjer Žalica called “Uncle Idriz's Place”. Awards and successes would certainly not be missed this time again. In 2003, Regional Program gave an impetus to start CineLink, a regional co-production market. This year, some of the most influential figures of regional film would offer very interesting projects for realization within the framework of CineLink. From the very beginning Sarajevo Film Festival has paid attention to the Children's program so when in 1995 Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron visited Sarajevo, 900 children had the opportunity to watch his Little Princess. For all of them it was an unforgettable experience. Children's Film festival is one of the biggest such events in Europe. This year it will attract between 35,000 and 40,000 children from all over BH. Sarajevo Film Festival introduces a special TeenArena program, dedicated to teenagers. Sarajevo Film Festival offers numerous other interesting events. Sarajevo Film Festival is the festival of contrasts bringing both newcomers and upcoming stars from the region as well as renowned filmmakers from Europe and the world. This is a festival dedicated entirely to film as an art form, yet completely open to mass audience! Sarajevo Film Festival is ready for its 10 th birthday!


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