Dreamspeakers Film Festival

When the first Dene filmmaker returned home to Canada’s Northwest Territories, his people had no words for his new art. They called it Dreamtalking. When you make films a Dene elder said, you are speaking your dreams. Over the course five days, Edmonton, Alberta becomes the site of an international gathering of our own Dreamtalkers: filmmakers, performers and artists. First Nation people from around the globe gather to share their common bond, a linkage with of a natural world whose harmonies and rhythms are being forgotten by those that came later. Dreamspeakers Film Festival provides a venue for Dreamtalkers and offers a unique exploration into aboriginal cultures from all parts of the globe. The Dreamspeakers Society supports, promotes and markets aboriginal culture, art and heritage. It is a resource for aboriginal filmmakers, for directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, technicians, actors, musicians, storytellers, artists and craftspeople. The Society is also a resource bank — a way to get in touch with aboriginal filmmakers, performers and artists. And through Dreamspeakers, aboriginal people receive training in arts, culture and festival operations.


Edmonton, Alberta


Email: info@dreamspeakers.org
Website: http://www.dreamspeakers.org/