Giggleshorts Festival

The Giggleshorts International Comedy Film Festival was born out of the growing demand for short comedy films. As the world has seen the increase in indie film production since the revolution of the digital video camera putting film making within reach of anyone who has a dream. And with the fact that many people are now looking with much interest at indie films. This brings Giggleshorts into focus There are now more than ever, film makers producing films of every genre. But it seems to us that there is a real lacking in the production in films that bring us our favorite emotion, laughter. So Giggleshorts was born to promote the making of comedy films. Short comedy films to be precise. These are the favorites of festival film goers. Put this equation together, Favorite films = comedy shorts Comedy film festivals = not many Answer- the need to provide more comedy short films to the world. We at Giggleshorts are dedicated in providing that festival to promote more comedy shorts to be produced from around the world. Giggleshorts is the world's largest comedy short film festival. Last Year we presented 200 comedy shorts from around the world. This year we hope to present even more.


United States