Amnesty International Film Festival

7 films from 23 countries in 27 languages bring stories of human dignity, pain, passion, and hope, as they chronicle human rights issues around the globe. May 12-17, 2004 Directors Guild of America Pacific Design Center?Silver Screen Theatre Egyptian Theatre Tickets on sale now! For complete program information and to purchase tickets: Special Opening Night Event features the Los Angeles Premiere of Hector Babenco's CARANDIRU (Sony Pictures Classics, 2003), and presentation of the 2004 Artists for Amnesty Award to Hector Babenco. A limited number of seats are available to the public. See the website or call 310-815-0450 for further details. The Amnesty International Film Festival was launched in the United States in Seattle in 1992 with the purpose of showcasing the best in documentary and fiction filmmaking related to human rights. Both because of the tremendous global reach of Amnesty International, and because we have focused on building relationships directly with filmmakers, production companies, television stations, and other film festivals around the world, we are able to offer programming that in many cases will simply never be seen anywhere else in the U.S. These include dozens of documentary films—some feature length and others shorter—some fiction films, animated pieces, and occasionally foreign broadcasts that are otherwise inaccessible to U.S. audiences. In addition, we are also proud to screen some of the most noteworthy and celebrated documentary films made here in the U.S. each year, including many that will go on to air on PBS, HBO, or other networks. The festival also takes pains to include archive presentations of classic feature films from major studios with strong human rights content that help us to place today’s issues in an important historical context (Universal Pictures(c) "Missing" (2002 West Hollywood Festival) or Warner Bros.(c) "The Killing Fields" (2003 West Hollywood Festival).


West Hollywood
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Telephone: (310) 815-0450