AsoloArtFilmFestival 2004

The 2004 edition of the AsoloArtFilmFestival will be held in Asolo (Treviso), Italy, from 20 to 26 September 2004. The Festival is part of the cultural tradition and a continuation of the “Festival Internazionale del Film sull’Arte e di Biografie di Artisti”, which was set up in 1973 by the Treviso Provincial Council under the direction of Flavia Paulon and had achieved great international success over the years finally closing at the end of the nineties. Thirty years later and in the light of advances in visual languages, the Festival is now being relaunched under the name “AsoloArtFilmFestival”: an international showcase, and competition with prizes, of film production dedicated to the visual arts in all the variety of their expression and to the music. The festival is subdivided into four sections: • FILMS ON ART for works on the visual arts and music • ARTISTS’ LIVES for works of historical reconstruction and critical interpretation of people from the world of art and music • VIDEOART and COMPUTER ART for works using electronic or computer technologies as a means of direct artistic expression • PRODUCTIONS made by recognised film schools, specialist secondary schools and universities, regarding the fields of visual arts and music Anna Maria Cerrato is the artistic director of the Festival, which is conceived and organized by the cultural association AsoloInternationalArtFestival (A.I.A.F), a cultural non-profit association with legal personality (D.G.R. del Veneto del 18/04/03 N° 59741.03), presided over by Lionello Puppi. RULES Only works produced after 1 January 2002 will be admitted to the competition. The works must come within one of the four sections which have to be specified on the entry form. However, the judging committee reserves the right to move a film from one section to the other in case of non compliance. The following are required for participation in the competition: • the completed registration form • a VHS or DVD copy of the work (in standard PAL) • a short biography and essential filmography of the film-maker/s • a brief synopsis of the work in Italian or English • at least two slides or JPEG format of sharp stills or of photos of scenes from the work, with authorisation for publication (television and press) and promotion of the Festival • the printed screenplay in Italian or English • list of music used The above material must be sent no later than 30 April 2004, at the participant’s cost. The postmark will be sufficient proof for works received after this date. In the case of incomplete delivery, admission to the competition will be refused on the unquestionable decision of the organising committee. Materials sent will not be returned, but be held in the Festival’s archive as documentation. The required materials must be sent to: AsoloArtFilmFestival, Foresto Vecchio, 8 31011 Asolo (TV) - Italy. A special judging commission will pre-select the works received. The film-makers or producers of the selected films will be advised of admission to the competition at least sixty days before the start of the Festival and must then send a master copy transferred onto Betacam SP or DVD. This copy, if in a language other than Italian or English, must have subtitles in Italian or English. Omission of subtitles where required will lead to automatic exclusion from the competition. The copies of the selected works must be received by the Festival organisation by 7 September 2004, otherwise they will be excluded. The copies sent will not be returned, but be held in the Festival’s archive. A special jury, composed of five members, named by the Presidency of the A.I.A.F. and chosen from renowned experts, will assign the following prizes – consisting of silver and bronze plates, especially designed by an internationally renowned artist - to the works admitted: • GRAN PREMIO ASOLO FOR THE BEST WORK IN THE COMPETITION • PREMIO ASOLO FOR THE BEST WORK OF FILMS ON ART SECTION • PREMIO ASOLO FOR THE BEST WORK OF ARTISTS’ LIVES SECTION • PREMIO ASOLO FOR THE BEST WORK OF VIDEOART AND COMPUTER ART SECTION • PREMIO ASOLO FOR THE BEST PRODUCTION OF FILM SCHOOLS, SPECIALIST SECONDARY SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES SECTION • PREMIO GIAN FRANCESCO MALIPIERO FOR THE BEST SOUNDTRACK The jury may also make a special mention of other works of particular merit in the competition. The decision of the jury is final. With their participation in the competition, the copyright holders of the selected works implicitly authorise the free use of short sequences of up to two minutes on the Festival’s internet site, on TV news and TV specials for promotion of the Festival. They also freely authorise additional non-profit screenings of the work. The Festival organisation will take the utmost care of the copies received, but accepts no responsibility for any damages that may occur to these during delivery at the Festival venues. Participating in the festival implies acceptance of the rules. The Court of Treviso will be competent in case of controversies. Personal details will be treated in accordance with Italian law 31/12/1996 n°675 and subsequent amendments and additions. Asolo, November 2003 Info: AsoloArtFilmFestival – Foresto Vecchio 8 – 31011 Asolo (TV) Italia Tel: 0423 520455 Fax: 0423 951320 E-mail: -


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