Hollywood Underground Film Festival (HUFF)

Hollywood Underground Film Festival (HUFF) Attracts Creative Talent with New Concept - A New Face of the Digital Underground - Hollywood, CA – The Hollywood Underground Film Festival (HUFF) is no longer so ‘underground’. In fact, HUFF, is attracting mainstream attention and growing into a year-round community with monthly activities for Indie artists in the Los Angeles area. “The festival is big and it’s evolving more into an ongoing event since we now have our own venue” stated Christian Skovly, director for the event. The 2003 festival will be a showcase of originality and experimentation, featuring the best new work from independent artists who are creating imaginative content in Beta SP and DVD. The 2003 festival opens April 17th with a launch party at the Vine Bar and runs through April 24th with closing ceremonies at the “M” Bar. Winners will be chosen based on simulated box office revenues where attendees are given one million “HuffBucks” to spend as they view each screening. “In the real world, movie audiences vote with their money, we thought it was the most realistic way to rate the films” Skovly added. More than one-hundred international submissions have come in from countries such as: Hungary, Canada, India, Chile, Japan, Uruguay, Australia and the UK. Besides the film screenings, attendees will have access to discussions on digital distribution and the micro-cinema realm with their industry peers. Also planned is an invitation-only “Filmmaker Summit”. Speakers include: Dawn Wells - from “Gilligan’s Island”, Justin Goldberg - Music Management and advisor for Veritas TV and Michael Dean, Artist, Filmmaker and Author of the “$30 Film School”. This year’s entry highlights include: “Quiet”, by Sylvain White, “Sophie” by Helen Lee, winner of the Student Academy Award in the narrative category; “Hope”, directed by Ron Brinkmann; “Taste It All”, directed by Richard Liukis, winner of the Canadian international Film Festival; “Standard Time”, directed by Robert Cary starring Andrew McCarthy of “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “Pretty in Pink”; Isabel Rose, winner of the Best Up and Coming Actress Award at the San Diego Film Festival and “DIY or DIE: How to Survive as an Independent Artist” by Michael Dean, Artist, Filmmaker and Author of the “$30 Film School”. Festival sponsors this year include: SplitID and Media Network Group, Production Hub.com, Indie Club and FPSR.com. For the complete list of film entries and activities, visit the official site at www.HUFilmFest.com. INFO: Tickets are $8.00 for individual screenings. Multiply reduced rate ticket packages are available online. The HUFF festival runs April 17th, to April 24th, 2003.


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