Fribourg International Film Festival

Fribourg International Film Festival aims to promote the understanding between cultures through films. It gives preferences to productions that stimulate reflection and provoke discussion. Our Festival shines a light on blind spots, reveals new talents and put the history of cinema in context with exclusiv approaches.

The Festival takes place every year in March and takes part in projects all year long. FIFF employs nine persons on a yearly contract and about fifteen others join the team for the months before the Festival. Each edition is possible with the help of a great number of volunteers.

The Association of Fribourg International Film Festival is a non-profit organisation founded in 1987. Its committee counts eight members with Mathieu Fleury as president.


Festival International de Films de Fribourg
Esplanade de l’Ancienne-Gare 3
P.O. Box 262
1701 Fribourg - Suisse


Telephone: +41 26 347 42 00