Dolphin Tale 2 : Movie Review

Bless its well-meaning heart, but "Dolphin Tale 2" is plodding and politically correct in a way that saps the proceedings of all potential buoyancy and drive. Inspired by the continuing true story of Winter, a tailless bottlenose dolphin who resides at Florida's Clearwater Marine Aquarium, this lesser sequel to 2011's "Dolphin Tale" feels like a monetary-based add-on rather than an organic continuation that was crying to be told. Because it is pretty much a done deal that all will turn out right in time for the rose-tinted finale, it is difficult to become terribly invested in the spindly, stretched-thin plot. Returning writer-director Charles Martin Smith fills the movie with a whole heap of lesson-learning and fabricated semi-conflicts, but little that doesn't feel like conscious manipulation toward his target audience of young children and their parents.

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Author : Dustin Putman