Let's Be Cops : Movie Review

Don't waste your time with this one. It strives for the same comic vibe as the Jump Street movies two bungling fools entangled with law enforcement and crime but comes up considerably short.

Johnson and Wayans Jr have energy to spare and definite comic chemistry just watch them together on the TV series New Girl but here they fail to charm. The former is a wannabe actor who coaches kids' football while the latter is a downtrodden game designer. They assume the role of policemen initially for for a lark after wearing the cop uniforms for Halloween. Soon after they are letting the respect and authority of the profession go to their heads, soon becoming embroiled with a nasty Russian mob headed by sadistic D'Arcy. Will the two become men at last in trying to foil the villains?

Though there are some scattered funny moments this formulaic, by-the numbers effort runs out of steam early on and ends up a most tiresome and predictable affair, dragging out its lame narrative with an impersonal attitude devoid of originality. It certainly moves at a fair clip to keep boredom at bay but the seen-it-all before feeling it evokes makes one long for something with genuine smarts and genuine laughs. No wonder Hollywood has been having a poor summer. Mediocre offerings such as this are hardly worthy of tempting an audience into the picture houses.

Author : Doug Cooper