Quiet Ones, The : Top 5 Haunted House Horrors

The Quiet Ones tells the story of a team of parapsychologists who in an attempt to prove that the supernatural exists only in the minds of those who create it, experiment on Jane Harper, a young girl who generates strange phenomena, in a deserted house. But what they discover is more terrifying than any of them ever expected.

To celebrate the release of The Quiet Ones, starring Jared Harris and Sam Claflin, on Blu-ray & DVD now, we’ve put together a list of the creepiest haunted house horrors ever brought to the screen, plus a special featurette where the cast and crew of The Quiet Ones discuss the spooky house they shot the film in!

The Overlook Hotel - The Shining (1980)
Stephen King’s unsettling novel was brought to screen in this classic horror movie about a family who spend the winter in an isolated hotel. The hotel hides a dark secret which unleashes itself on the family, affecting each member in different and more disturbing ways. Memories of a grisly murder begin to affect the father (Jack Nicholson) and eventually drive him insane and as the horrors of the past start to echo the present, frights lurk down every carpeted hallway.

112 Ocean Avenue - The Amityville Horror (1979)
Perhaps the most well-known haunted house movie, due to the fact that it is a true, and well documented story, The Amityville Horror sees the Lutz family move into a beautiful house unaware of the horror that lay beyond the front door. The house was victim to a horrific mass-murder just months before, which left behind demonic forces determined to terrorize the house’s new owners. The unsuspecting family experienced a host of terrifying ordeals such as being levitated into the air, slime oozing from the walls and unexplainable marks on their bodies; a house scary enough to send tough-guy James Brolin and his movie family running to the nearest estate agent.

Hill House - The Haunting (1963)
The Haunting was once cited as the scariest horror film ever made back in 1963. Revolving around Hill House, a family home with a tragic past, Dr. Markway (Richard Johnson) seizes the opportunity to use the deserted mansion to investigate paranormal activity. Discovering that a dark force is present and seems hell-bent on causing fatal accidents and disappearances, Dr Markway realises that he must get his group out of Hill House before it claims another victim.

Jersey Castle - The Others (2001)
The Others suggests that the Stewart family are not alone in their remote country home. Mother Grace (Nicole Kidman) lives in near-darkness to protect her two photosensitive children but lurking in the shadows are spirits determined to claim the house back. With suspicious servants and the unexpected return of her husband from the war, Grace only gets more apprehensive and begins to believe the Nanny’s suggestion that “Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead.”

The Georgian - The Quiet Ones (2014)
The Quiet Ones is based on the real-life ‘Philip experiment’ which took place in 1972 in an attempt to disprove the supernatural with scientific method. Professor Coupland (Jared Harris) and a group of students take to a large house in the countryside in order to rid Jane Harper of the strange phenomena which has left her scared and abandoned by everyone who has tried to help her in the past. As their experiments develop however, more and more unexplainable forces come forward.

The Quiet Ones is available on Blu-ray and DVD now!

The Quiet Ones - Trailer

The Quiet Ones - Featurette: "The House"