X-Men: Days of Future Past : Movie Review

In the current motion picture climate, bigger does not necessarily mean better. It is hard to image a movie being any larger than “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, however the movie’s scope and cast still allows for a truly intimate story. While very adult at times, the non-stop pace and amazing characters prove once again that few can stand up to the grandeur of this band of Mutants.

In the future, the mutant race has been all but eradicated by the Sentinels; a group of mutant-hunting robots that cannot be stopped. In a last ditch chance to save themselves and those like them, a small group of mutants send a messenger back in time to try to right the wrong that started the world down this dark path. How far would you be willing to go to save not only your friends but your kind? The underlying themes of this film truly leave the viewer wondering how far is too far for those you love.

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Author : Heather Maloney