Other Woman, The : Movie Review

In the not-so-grand tradition of 2005's "Crash" and 2013's "Frozen," "The Other Woman" has carbon-copied its title from another recent, otherwise unconnected movie, in this case the 2011 Natalie Portman-starring indie drama directed by Dons Roos. Because the name does not really make sense for this particular film—if anything, it should be called "The Other Women"—it is baffling why director Nick Cassavetes (2009's "My Sister's Keeper") and studio 20th Century Fox would go with a derivate moniker that was already used three years ago. This cosmetic annoyance notwithstanding, "The Other Woman" stands on its own and, at times, is enormously funny in an all-out belly-laugh way. The female-centric formula of bawdy humor intermingling with warm slice-of-life pathos is not new—the footprint left by 2011's hugely successful "Bridesmaids" is all over this project—but it is always welcome when done well. This particular entry is predictable in its plot progression and has several strained conflicts rearing their head, but there is also something positively empowering and inspired about Melissa K. Stack's script and the cast's game disposition.

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Author : Dustin Putman