Bail, The : Plot

Benji Berg and Richie Taylor, best friends since childhood, need a master plan to get them out of the rut of small town Englewood, Florida. In this charming seaside community, the average age of the population is sixty-five, and even among the limited young people, these boys are unpopular.

Benji and Richie spend the summer working as orderlies at Sunset Grove Retirement Home, where the residents are unhappy and not afraid to show it. The seniors and Myron, the evil head orderly, abuse them mercilessly. The only thing that keeps the two friends going is their unshakable belief in their invention, Soda-Plops.

Born out of a dismal social calendar and a passionate love of chemistry, Soda-Plops promises big things for the two young inventors. In their garage laboratories, Benji and Richie have almost perfected their revolutionary soda alternative, when disaster strikes. A volatile ingredient causes an explosion and damages equipment the boys have no means to replace.

With only Sunset Grove and a future in Richie's family business (a new-age bird aviary) to look forward to, the boys sink into despair. It seems their dreams of soda superstardom and sweeping the Swedish exchange student/lifeguards off their feet have gone down in flames.

Along the way to their favorite spot on the beautiful beachfront, a chance discovery rekindles Benji and Richie's ambitions. It also places the boys in numerous situations involving a County Sheriff with a mission, a revolution at Sunset Grove Retirement Home, and Englewood urban legends The Muertes Brothers.

Author : 2002 Puddles of Doom, Inc.