Runner, Runner : Movie Review

With the dean at Princeton University breathing down his neck, threatening to expel him if he doesn't stop his online gambling affiliate business, graduate student Richie Furst (Justin Timberlake) decides to bet his entire $17,000 savings in a last-ditch effort to pay for his tuition. When he is defrauded out of his money, he hops a plane to Costa Rica, intending to confront Midnight Black online casino king Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) about the issue. To Richie's surprise, Block is receptive to his complaint, immediately reimburses him for the lost money, and offers him a job worth seven figures. It is an invitation Richie can't refuse, but, as weeks turn to months and he gets a first-hand look at his boss' dirty dealings, it becomes clear he wouldn't be able to walk away even if he wanted to. Bringing added pressure to the equation, FBI Agent Shavers (Anthony Mackie) has begun sniffing around, intent on capturing Block and wanting Richie to assist in luring him back to U.S. jurisdiction.

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Author : Dustin Putman