Escape from Planet Earth : Movie Review

‘Escape from Planet Earth’ is about two brothers whose rivalry pulls them into an intergalactic conspiracy that threatens the safety of the entire galaxy.
There hasn't been an entertaining alien comedy in some time. It's amusing that the next out of this world hit is actually a family friendly cartoon. Escape from Planet Earth is a funny movie about brothers and sibling rivalry.
Scorch (Brendan Fraser) is planet Baab's hero. He laughs in the face of danger (literally) and rescues babies from baby-eating monsters. Everyone adores him, including his older, "little" brother Gary (Rob Corddry). Gary works at mission control and plays a major, though unacknowledged, role in making sure Scorch succeeds. But when harsh words are exchanged, Gary quits leaving Scorch to embark on his most dangerous mission alone. When he's captured on live television outside of a convenience store on Earth, Gary uncharacteristically jumps into action to save his brother.

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Author : Sarah Gopaul