Bullet to the Head : Movie Review

The title, "Bullet to the Head," is an example of truth in advertising at its finest. With few exceptions, every other scene seemingly ends with a character getting blasted in the forehead or temple, blood and brain matter exploding from their instantaneously fatal wounds. Unfortunately, there isn't enough that's memorable in between this carnage for the film—an old-school, unsympathetic action-thriller—to carve out a notable niche for itself. Having seen it less than twenty-four hours ago, its particulars have already begun to rapidly fade from memory. On the positive, as a starring vehicle for an aging actor whose heyday was back in the '80s, Sylvester Stallone (2012's "The Expendables 2") remains far more sprightly and virile at 66 than the limping, decidedly creakier Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the recent "The Last Stand"—and the movie's a little better for it, too.

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Author : Dustin Putman