Argo : Movie Review

It’s 2005, Surviving Christmas has just gone straight to DVD in AUS and NZ, copies of Pearl Harbour are found in fireplaces and bins instead of shelves and Daredevil to most was about a blind man wearing leather to boost his confidence. Did anyone ever guess that their common factor would end up being one of Hollywood’s best directors only 5 years later? Can Affleck make it three-for-three as a director with Argo, his most multilayered film? Find out after the jump.

Ben Affleck stars as Tony Mendez, a C.I.A agent assigned to rescue six American diplomats trapped during a violent revolution in Iran in 1980. Security is tight and tensions are high, as a hostage situation involving 52 Americans being held at gunpoint at the American embassy escalates and Iran becomes more chaotic and dangerous. The hostage situation itself lasted over 400 days, but in addition to this main group of hostages, six Americans escaped and are hiding at the Canadian ambassador’s house. Mendez needs a plan and fast, as the longer they remain at the ambassador’s hours, the higher the chance is that their location will be discovered, which would almost definitely result in their subsequent capture and execution.

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Author : Chris Elena