Seven Psychopaths : Movie Review

Do I really have to write anything other than the cast list above? Because that sums up the crazed glory of Seven Psychopaths far better than any critical fawning I could pen. Christopher Walken, Tom Waits, and Harry Dean Stanton? Damn, just garrote me now because I can't imagine it getting any better or weirder than this, ever. And McDonagh, director of In Bruges, pulls it off: a Southern Californian, sun-blasted odyssey that skitters from one rocky outcropping of narrative improbability to the next, until a kind of sublime summit is reached and you can look down into a valley littered with conjoined storylines and subplots, bodies and gallows humor. This is a very smart comedy about very dumb people doing really awful things to one another. And it's been scripted by one of the best new voices in the business a chorus of madmen, really McDonagh himself.

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Author : Marc Savlov